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Sindee Jennings in the Squirting Nun

Sindee Jennings was a trouble maker from the start. The moment her mother gave birth to her in the brothel, everybody knew that the child would be trouble. To save her immortal soul her at age 1 her mother took her to the convent to receive a good and decent upbringing and a healthy fear of god. But as she grew, Sindee knew that she was not like the other nuns. The others were dull, unenthusiastic, and lived their lives completely by the book. Nun Sindee was curious and alive and she wanted to not only hear about sin, but to experience it herself and Father James was the perfect victim. Over her years there she had developed an un-nunly liking to the innocent father and waited impatiently to make her move. Finally on the night to her 18th birthday she found Father James alone, reading...Read the whole story on XxxHorror.com!
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Anie Cruz and Nun Cherry in Evil Vampire Nun

Hot Vampire bitch Annie Cruz is the new Queen of the Horror Castle. She had to show to her slaves her evil power right after she was crowned. Anie went to the nearest church and picked the newly converted nun Cherry. She brought the innocent kinky nun Cherry to the Horror Castle to test her faith…of course nun Cherry could not resist the seductive power of the latex vampire queen and soon she started feeling lustful sexual desires. Cherry grabbed the wooden cross hanging on her neck and started masturbating in front of the vampire community. Check out this nasty horrorsex movie exposing the conversion of nun Cherry to a vampire lesbian slut. Stay tuned to the next episode of XXXHorror.com!
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Estrella Flores Lost in the Evil Graveyard

Andi Anderson a sinner awoke the night after her encounter with Aubrey Addams. Her experience had left an impression on her black heart and she found herself to be moved by the naive innocence of the girl that she had just corrupted. A sudden chill ran up her spine as she thought of the torturous fires of Hell. What if hell was real? What if her sins would bring her to the darkest of demons? Satan. She has long devoted herself to Satan without actually knowing the consequences of her actions and on this night she was afraid. Andi quickly took out her long forgotten robe and her habit and made her way to the church. She had no idea what to expect or what she would do since she has been exiled ages ago. As she reached the gate a surge of confidence overcame her and she made her way in. Entering the church Andi found mother superior saying her hail Marys as she had done for so many years, devout and faithful to the Lord above. The mother was surprised to see Andy and although a bit wary...read the whole story on xxxHorror.com!
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