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Skinny gothic girl Emma Luvgood was coming back home from a late night party. When she was passing the nearby graveyard she felt strange sexual desires. The horny teen entered the graveyard without fear as the faith was still strong with her! A couple of hours later Emma Luvgood woke up laying among the graves sensing that her pussy is very wet. She was very horny and started rubbing it and touching her small perky tits! Little did she know that she was bitten by lesbian vampire and now Emma was turning to horny gothic vampire herself...
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Strong in the faith Father Angelino was walking before sunrise in the graveyard when he saw Emma Luvgood laying on the ground. He came close trying to help her. Emma was turned into nasty vampire freak and jumped trying to bite him. Father Angelino scared her a way using the cross hanging on his neck. He called GOD for help, but it was too late. Restraining Emma was not in his hands anymore. He ran a way to seek help!...


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