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The Seven Deadly Sins

The Orthodox Church does not take kindly to talk of blasphemy. As punishment for their whispers during mass, 2 nuns were locked in their chambers to spend a night of prayer asking forgiveness for their sins. Eve, being more curious of the two, was reading a passage from the bible that spoke of the 7 deadly sins. Speaking of the sin of lust eve began to look at white pure Ami in a different light. Overcome by evil spirit, she wanted Ami to sin with her. Both nuns become consumed with evil as they use religious objects to please each other even shoving the cross of Christ deep inside their pussies!
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Claire Dames in the Queen of the Damned

Clair Dames, Evil BDSM Vampire Queen, was one night awakened by Father James. After ravaging him and assaulting his beliefs, the huge tit vampire slut drank his blood to convert him to the dark side for her personal Sexual Pleasure. To make the transition complete, the vampire whore began her sacrilegious ritual where shoved a cross deep inside her hot vampire pussy, screaming blasphemy to show her love for the after lifeā€¦ However, to complete the passage from life to death, Father James must show his devotion to the dark side and the bible must be burned...watch the feeding and conversion on XXXHORROR.COM!
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Sex Nun Aubrey Addams Masturbates

Lost and confused, young apprentice nun Aubree Adams looks to father James for forgiveness and help in her struggle. Ashamed of her sins, Aubree begins to confess to the father, of her longing desire to feel the presence of GOD inside her. Already corrupted and eager to please the father asks the young nun to show her how she commits her sins and watches as she shamefully plays with herself. Once the father is gone, she looks to the heavens and inserts the crucifix deep inside her wet pussy ripping pager from the holy bible and soaking them with her juices. Watch how she sucks the rosary and fucks the cross yelling blasphemy on XXXHORROR.COM!
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