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Nun Ashley Renee in The Exorcism
Its was a dark night with unusual happenings. The candles in the convent all blew out and haunted figures were lurking in the hallways. One figure was there many a time. It was dark, tall and mysterious. You could not make out its shape, nor its face… only a floating hooded black cloak appeared and just as quickly vanished. Some called it Satan, others simply called it cloak but one thing was certain, that this figure was not a figment of imagination; it was a thing of pure evil lurking in the hallways, from time to time claiming another young woman...Sister Ashley Renee had served the convent for many years. Dedicated to the lord, she gave up on the outside world, endured heavy fasting and denied herself all earthly pleasures of the flesh. The cloak chose its victims wisely and on this particular night fond itself in Nun Ashley’s room. Sister Ashely was deep in prayer when her prayers were interrupted by a voice...read the whole story on xxxHorror.com!...
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