Evie Delatosso as the Vampire

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This young and beautiful maiden has been seduced by a strange and beautiful woman, who was more than a seductress, as she was also a Vampire! Evie is going through the memories of her seduction and being driven into an erotic state, fueled both by her imagination and the evil powers that now run through her veins...Our hot maiden senses something has changed in her life, though is not yet fully aware of the extreme state she will transition into!
EvieDelatosso_TheVampire2_0001 EvieDelatosso_TheVampire2_0023 EvieDelatosso_TheVampire2_0055 EvieDelatosso_TheVampire2_0107 EvieDelatosso_TheVampire2_0140
EvieDelatosso_TheVampire2_0147 EvieDelatosso_TheVampire2_0149 EvieDelatosso_TheVampire2_0152 EvieDelatosso_TheVampire2_0181 EvieDelatosso_Vampire1_0010
EvieDelatosso_Vampire1_0030 EvieDelatosso_Vampire1_0087 EvieDelatosso_Vampire1_0150 EvieDelatosso_Vampire1_0152 EvieDelatosso_Vampire1_0187

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