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Stephanie Sage and Dakota in Satan's sexual slave
Stephanie Sage a virgin nun awoke to find herself strapped to a cross. In front of her was a vampire coffin, and a slutty vamp sitting on it. She shuddered in fear but remaining true to her faith said nothing. She knew that God would deliver her from all evil and silently reciting the prayer in her head she grew strong. The vampire had other intentions for the nun. She intended to either feed off the pretty little nun, or convert her to the dark side. So with those intentions she gave her an ultimatum. Sin or Die. The nun desperate to live, decided that...Read the whole story on XxxHorror.com!...
Stephanie-Dakota_SatansSlave_0006 Stephanie-Dakota_SatansSlave_0008 Stephanie-Dakota_SatansSlave_0029
Stephanie-Dakota_SatansSlave_0062 Stephanie-Dakota_SatansSlave_0128 Stephanie-Dakota_SatansSlave_0164
Stephanie-Dakota_SatansSlave_0172 Stephanie-Dakota_SatansSlave_0221 Stephanie-Dakota_SatansSlave_0238
Stephanie-Dakota_SatansSlave_0241 Stephanie-Dakota_SatansSlave_0298 Stephanie-Dakota_SatansSlave_0314
Stephanie-Dakota_SatansSlave_0335 Stephanie-Dakota_SatansSlave_0353 Stephanie-Dakota_SatansSlave_0355


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