The Demon Nun

femdom nun sex
Nicki Hunter was a corrupt nun. Her sacrilegious ways were heard by the dark lord, Satan, and he made her his mistress of darkness. One night with dark intentions she made her way into the church and waited for the priest to come. The priest entering the chapel found the nun quietly praying and upon inquiry of how she felt, found himself attacked by a demon. She announced that she had been waiting for him but the priest had no chance to speak. The satanic nun began to strip him and lust for his precious virginity. Trying desperately to escape the priest attempted to scare her with his cross, but to no avail the demon laughed in his face and used it against him. Niki took his precious rosary, given to him by the cardinal, and stuffed them deep inside her pussy asking the priest to remove them with his mouth. She was after his sole and did everything in her power to make him sin. After a deep struggle, the nun took out his penis, and began rubbing him trying to make him cum. She gave him a hard and humiliating hand job stepping on him and sitting on his face not allowing him to breathe. To top his humiliation she asked him to masturbate himself to commit the ultimate sin. The HD video and super high resolution photo gallery (202 images) are posted below. Enjoy! Watch Trailer!

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