DISCIPLINE at the convent

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Nun Sarah was set in her old ways unable to see the true light of god. She was taken from the brothel by the kind Mother Benz to give her the promise of a new life. Unfortunately, her stubbornness and lack of discipline proved to be a frustration for even Mother Benz and she was a disgrace to the convent. The nuns talked about Sarah and rumors spread that she was continuing to sin secretly in her quarters. It was not believed until once day, during mass, Father James had noticed that the nun was not reading the bible like the others, she had her hand up her dress appearing to be touching herself. Unable to deal with the disgraceful nun, Father James sent her to Mother Benz for proper punishment. The young nun was well aware of her sins and even enjoyed her time with herself, but made appearance that she didn’t know what she had done wrong. The Mother Superior knew better and proceeded to reprimand the young nun. She recited the words of the lord and made proper reference to Satan but to no evil. Though the young nun pleaded that she will change, Mother Benz was not ready to let it go so quickly. Sarah was a sinner, who even forgot to wear a bra and Mother Benz was going to do all it takes to fix her. As she lost her patience, Mother Benz pushed Sarah further and further trying to force her to see the error of her ways. But Sarah did not see error, she saw mother Benz as evil. The moment the head nun left her quarters to let Sarah pray in silence, Sarah lashed out in a fit of rage throwing and destroying the most precious things that Mother Superior held dear. To Sarah, the Mother Superior was Satan and all of the convents nuns were her helpers. Sarah prayed to god in a sensual blasphemous prayer to soother her soul in her hour of need and to make all of her suffering disappear. As she removed her sissy panties all hell broke loose as she began to pleasure herself in the most sinful ways. The HD video and high resolution photo gallery (156 images) are posted below. Enjoy! Watch Trailer!

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