Lesbian Vampire Seducing Virgin Nun – BTS Bonus footage

satanic nun seducing virgin nun

Dirty nuns masturbating on top of a coffin. This satanic lesbian scene was broadcast live from our studio in Los Angeles. Many members contacted me with a request to post behind the scenes footage of the scene. In this update I posted two clips, in which the evil nuns were interviewed before the porn shoot. One of the nuns – Stephanie sage was chained to the cross, while answering member questions live. In the other clip, latex nun Dakota Rose shares her perspective about the spiritual substratum…I guess the camera man was very destructed by the satanic nuns as the videos were filmed sideways. I had to rotate the clips 90 degrees clockwise in order to show them properly. Anyways the satanic porn clips are posted below. Check it out and post your comments. Watch Trailer!

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Satan’s sexual slave

latex evil nun teaching masturbation
Stephanie, a virgin nun awoke to find herself strapped to a cross. In front of her was a vampire coffin, and a slutty vamp sitting on it. She shuddered in fear but remaining true to her faith said nothing. She knew that God would deliver her from all evil and silently reciting the prayer in her head she grew strong. The vampire had other intentions for the nun. She intended to either feed off the pretty little nun, or convert her to the dark side. So with those intentions she gave her an ultimatum. Sin or Die. The nun desperate to live, decided that she must become a sinner. Luckily the dirty vampire, Dakota Rose was in a playful mood. She brought plenty of toys with her from the convent including a bible, rosary and a cross. She tormented the little nun with her sacrilegious ways, and after asking her to sin with a cross depicting Jesus, she became turned on herself. The vampire sat and watched as the little nun pleasured herself and touched herself in the process. The goth vamp pushed the nun to go further promising her eternal pleasures. As the pleasure consumed the small boob babe, she felt herself being drawn to the dark side and wanted more than anything to become Vampire Dakota’s little toy. The HD video and super high resolution picture gallery are posted below. Enjoy! Watch Trailer!

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