First Holy Communion

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The first Communion, the holiest of rituals was to take place on the say of Sabbath in the old church. Spanish father Ricardo was awaiting his young woman to come and receive the body and blood of Christ. She came dressed in white as the bride of god, pure and holy in the eyes of the father. What he did not know, was that the sexy bride of Christ held a demon inside her full of hatred for the father and the church. She lashed out at the priest and upon his narrow escape she too the pleasure of indulging her wicked ways with the toys she found laying on the alter. The demon made it a point to desecrate the church in the eyes of god. The pierced  bride took the Mary statues and shoved them deep inside her, first one at a time, then all of them together, masturbating her ass and pussy at the same time. To take her hatred further, she masturbated with a cross depicting Jesus, while standing the icon of Mary to watch the action. Stay tuned if father Angelino will come to help and banish the demon out of the Gothic bride. The HD video and super high resolution picture gallery are posted below. Enjoy! Watch Trailer!

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