Vampire Schoolgirl in THE BODY BAG

vampire student bites frave digger
As night fell on the haunted graveyard the gravedigger was dragging a body bag. Overwhelmed by curiosity, the digger unzipped the bag to find a hot dead catholic schoolgirl Kya Tropic. The dirty pervert ripped open her shirt to try and fuck the still warm pussy, only to find that he had woken the undead. Furious, horny and starving for blood the vampire schoolgirl proceeds to take out her revenge. Her thirst is only quenched after she feeds and finds a bible and rosary lying on the coffin, waiting for her burial scheduled for the following day. Kinky vampire blasphemous whore Kya Tropic, stops at nothing to take out her revenge and satisfy her hunger! The HD video and high resolution photo gallery are posted below. Watch Trailer!

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