Ashley Renee in The Sadistic Exorcism

sexy nun needs exorcism
Its was a dark night with unusual happenings. The candles in the convent all blew out and haunted figures were lurking in the hallways. One figure was there many a time. It was dark, tall and mysterious. You could not make out its shape, nor its face… only a floating hooded black cloak appeared and just as quickly vanished. Some called it Satan, others simply called it cloak but one thing was certain, that this figure was not a figment of imagination; it was a thing of pure evil lurking in the hallways, from time to time claiming another young woman…Sister Ashley Renee had served the convent for many years. Dedicated to the lord, she gave up on the outside world, endured heavy fasting and denied herself all earthly pleasures of the flesh. The cloak chose its victims wisely and on this particular night fond itself in Nun Ashley’s room. Sister Ashely was deep in prayer when her prayers were interrupted by a voice…She looked up to find the figure standing in the corner. The voice commanded her not to run and though she wanted to, she could not move. The voice was now inside her head, promising freedom, sin and pleasure. The nun begged god for help but the cloak was in control. It forced her to do ungodly things taking charge of her body. The nun slid her hands under her robe. She tried to stop but the pleasure consumed her… she began to masturbate harder and harder, using anything that she could find to satisfy her desire. The cloak was gone, but the nun had lost her soul. It was only the closest to god that could retrieve it. Cardinal Joseph arrived to save yet another possessed soul. Him and the nun began to pray long and hard for the savior to save her sole. As she prayed, the nun heard the cloak in her head again teasing her and commanding her. It wanted a man to satisfy her sexual desires, making her the ultimate sinner. Sensing the danger the Cardinal tied the possessed Ashlee Renee so she was not able to move. He called Satan to come out from her body but the nun was simply turned on by his prayers. Joseph began to take more serious measures, spanking the nun with his bible, lashing her and gagging her. The spirit however, did not budge. Through intense erotic torture and praying  the cardinal had hoped to remove the evil out of the nun. In the end he too seemed to begin enjoying the play with the nuns body. He erotically dominated her, tied her tighter and with the cross began masturbating her. The perverted priest tied her naked large tits and bent her over the praying stool. Joseph filled her with pleasure feeding the evil spirit with every move and finally unable to contain himself the cardinal untied the nun and disappeared. Still hungry for more the nun finished herself off with the holy cross. The HD video and super high resolution photo gallery (174 pics) are posted below. Enjoy! Watch Trailer!

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