Sisters of Decency

nurse performing anal masturbationSexy nun Shay Golden comes to be interviewed by mother Benz, applying for the sisters of decency convent. Kinky MILF Benz liked the sweet young nun and approved her. Mother Benz brought the new nun to her chambers and asked her to pray. After that the superior nun told Shay that she had to do certain rituals in order finalize her enrollment in to the convent. At first the young nun was shocked when Benz made her stick the cross in her vagina, but after a while it felt really good and she had a nice orgasm. But right after that nun Benz gave Shay a thick and big dildo in the shape of a cross. This dildo had to go all the way in her ass. Mother Benz handed over a lubricant and sex nun Shay inserted it deep in her ass. The anal orgasm came right away, Shay had never experienced such thing in her life. Right at this moment somebody knocked on the door and mother Benz disappeared trough the window. The new nun Shay was shocked to see the priest walking in and finding the new nun with a big dildo up her ass. Stay tuned for part two, where shay golden is brought to the council for punishment. This is another production with member participation. Enjoy! The HD porno video and picture gallery are posted below. Watch Trailer!

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