Dirty Latina Masturbating during bible studies

latina schoolgirl masturbating during bible studies
Sexy Latina Cassandra showed up at the school as usual – happy and smiling – on Sunday afternoon for bible studies. She was received by sister Magdalena. It was strange that there were no other students this Sunday. Alone at class Cassandra felt hot. She was still wearing her thick leather coat as it was freezing outside. The strict nun had to leave the classroom as she had a meeting with Mother Superior. Left alone Cassandra continued reading and writing down questions, she wanted to ask the sister later. Hot and sexy Cassandra felt tense while reading and without recognizing it she started to touch her wet pussy under her skirt. Reading and trying to follow all the virtues overwhelmed her and she was day dreaming to commit the sin. The sexy Latina threw the bible a way and stripped naked on the altar. She masturbated touching her hot firm tits and spreading her nice round ass. After the orgasm Cassandra dressed up quickly and left the church. Stay tuned to next episode of XxxHorror.com. The dirty video and photo gallery are posted below. Enjoy! Watch Trailer!

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