Virgin Mary Meets Satan

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Compliments of member requests: The mysterious nun was calling Mary for many days in despair. She prayed and prayed waiting for the virgin to materialize to help her in her hour of darkness. Mary heard the call and materialized behind the praying nun. The nun was overcome with joy, and complained of all of the wrong doing in the world. But just as Mary began to comfort her, the nun revealed a most disturbing news. She was in fact, the incarnation of Satan, somebody Mary had never met. Scared and confused she vowed to face this demon. But Satan was smart, she knew which buttons to press to get under the holy one’s skin. She provoked her, taunted her and teased her with her wicked manipulative ways, leaving the Virgin more in doubt than she has ever been in her life or in death. As doubt drenched all existence of the belief that she has held onto for centuries, she felt overcome with anger; anger at god and anger at herself for denying every pleasure for 2009 years. She was left with the decision of remaining true to her faith, or taking Satan’s way out. As she though, she remembered her faith had left her with only a book of rules for thousands of years. But there was hope, Satan did say, “My way was so much more fun”. Post your comments!The HD video and super high resolution photo gallery (177 images) are posted below. Enjoy! Watch Trailer!

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