The Failed Exorcism Part1

part1 of religious leaders performing exorcism
Jamey Janes stares in an unforgettably sexually provocative movie as a lost soul possessed by Satan! Jamey finds her way into Father Gabriele’s office to find the chalice that was believed to have belonged to a fallen angel. Instantly her soul is captured by Satan as she begins to unleash her blasphemous, satanic fury. She masturbates will all of the religious objects, smashing the churches sacred belongings at the same time! She even Double Penetrates herself for the very first time with the Mary statue and a thick cross. Upon seeing such behavior, the terrified father Gabriel called the local religious leaders to the scene to help banish Satan from Jamey. Stay tuned for part II, where the leaders good intentions, may not be enough to banish the evil spirits. Enjoy my latest production! The HD video and 237 high rez pictures are posted below. Watch Trailer!

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